FORTIFY offers end-to-end, cost-effective strategic consulting services and sustainable solutions to
individuals, organizations and society at large, in order to secure them from all kinds of risks and threats.

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV Surveillance
concept plan

Fortify drastically reduces an organization's exposure to crime and loss, by outlining the pros & cons of different CCTV surveillance options available, and helping select the best and most cost-effective options in terms of the client's real requirement.

Security Risk Analysis

Access management
(Mechanical, Electronic, Biometric)

Fortify helps the client make a customized selection of mechanical, electronic and biometric locking & access management devices and explain how and where each can best be utilised while ensuring conformance with building and fire codes.

Security Risk Analysis

Perimeter protection
(Including fencing, lighting, gates etc.)

Fortify helps make the best selection of perimeter protection options, to create an optimal perimeter-protection design. We also advise on how to configure and integrate manpower in this design, to provide appropriate deterrence and credible response to incursion attempts.

Security Risk Analysis

Security measures
for various building types

Fortify identifies the range of crimes, security risks and vulnerabilities associated with various types of buildings (single occupier, multi-tenant, old, new etc.), and with a range of operations (from industrial to retail) to recommend security measures in harmony with the occupants' need for health and safety.

Security Risk Analysis

Security measures for varied
internal building environments

Fortify advises on appropriate security measures to meet the specific requirements of varied internal building environments. Some of these include environmental design, security hardening measures, locking systems, intrusion detection and assessment, incident response and surveillance.

Security Risk Analysis

Countermeasures for
threat to sensitive information

Fortify advises the senior management on current and emerging threats to information in hardcopy and electronic form and accordingly, designs a range of human, technical and procedural countermeasures to prevent the exposure of sensitive information to compromise.

Security Risk Analysis

protective security measures

Fortify can identify the typical and atypical terrorist tactics that are employed to attack an organization and can outline optimal security measures to mitigate all kinds of damaging terrorist actions.

Security Risk Analysis

surveillance measures

Fortify identifies potential threats to information in specific circumstances (e.g. travel, telephonic, in meeting rooms etc.) and can advise on counter-technical surveillance measures to address each.

Security Risk Analysis

Workplace violence

In tandem with a company's HR department, Fortify drafts policies and programmes to effectively manage and control the risk of workplace violence, a growing threat in today's stressful environment.

Security Risk Analysis

Exposure to robbery

Fortify specifies customized security measures to reduce exposure to robbery in cash-handling areas.

Security Risk Analysis

Security measures for
overseas business travellers

Fortify chalks out a detailed security plan to ensure the safety of business travellers of an organization going overseas or coming to our country from outside.

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